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Finishing & Binding

"With all finishing

done in-house,

we can drive

down costs

and maximise



At Badger Print, all of our binding and finishing is done in-house, meaning we are in control of both quality and deadlines!


Finishing is what makes print 'work' - it's the creasing and the folding. It's the number on a form or the spine on an invoice pad. It's the trimmed brochure edge, the accurate fold and the staples through the spine. It's literally - the finishing touch.


Like so many things, it's the last part that's most critical. A superb print job can be ruined by poor finishing or binding so it makes sense to give this just as much attention.


Our range of binding options includes: stitching (stapling) and wire binding and we are one of just a few printers in the Midlands to offer coil binding - ideal for diaries or recipe books. We can also drill, laminate, encapsulate, shrinkwrap, band, box and ...oh yes, deliver to your door.










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