Posters that ‘pop’

Posters are a simple and cost-effective way of communicating to a specific target market, in a particular place. When designed well, posters can lure people to a specific event or alert them of a product or service.

In an age with so much design centred on websites and apps, the art of poster design is often forgotten. Posters can work in a variety of ways for almost any project. They are a great form of promotion and can help expose the masses to your key marketing messages.

Here are our top tips:


Key information should be easy to read from a distance to draw people in to read more. The second level of text are the specifics, for example, an event poster needs to include the what, when and where. Any other details or fine print can be smaller and out of the way.


Go bold – you may only have seconds to grab someone’s attention so turn up the volume with colour, contrast and font. You should also consider where the poster is going as knowing where the design will sit can help you make choices about how to create it.


Whether you choose a photo, illustration or text, a dominant image is key. And just like the text, it needs to be visible from a distance. Close-up crops of faces or elements, single item illustrations, a scene with a sharp focal point, all work well.


Use plenty of space between all elements to create impact and improve readability. That includes space between individual letters, lines or blocks of text, images and the outer edges of the page.

Call to Action

Always include a call to action. What do you want people to do when they see the poster? Call a number to book tickets, visit the website for more information or ask at reception for details? To encourage the interaction between print and digital media, why not include a QR code to access a website using a smart phone?


Make sure the print quality is good and maybe also consider trying some different print techniques to help your message stand out.

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