Print + digital marketing

To digital devotees, print marketing may seem like something from times gone by. However, the right combination of print and digital tools can work together in perfect harmony. Here are some ideas:

Drive traffic to your website
A powerful integrated marketing strategy starts with promoting your website on all of your print. For measurement purposes, you could include a time-limited discount code or use a specific URL to track the response rate and return on investment.

Promote social media via print media
It’s well-known that people don’t do business with companies, they do business with people, and social media links on print can help to drive users towards more interaction and deeper engagement through social media relationships.

Online reviews & comment
Perhaps you have great reviews or comments on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn that you want to highlight. Why not share this offline and add them to the back of your organisation’s business cards and other relevant print.

Story to be continued
Continue a printed article online by including a link to your website or from a printed newsletter, you could drive people to read more on your blog. Create enough interest to encourage people to log on to find out more and suggest they add their comments.

The use of hashtags on envelopes or other direct mail items can sometimes transfer to social media campaigns. At events, large format posters and roller banners could include an event hashtag to allow for group photos and sharable opportunities.

Gather data
All social networks allow users to identify their favourite content via likes and favourites. Use the data your users are sharing for your print. Is there a favourite image that has the most likes? Why not use it for the cover for a brochure or leaflet.

Call to action
Combine direct mail with an online call to action. Print can be used to drive traffic to websites or social media pages to encourage users to find out more, order online or leave comment.

Smart phones
QR codes are a simple and instant way to transfer users from print to interactive mediums. Why not add one to your business card and link to your LinkedIn profile or take users from a poster or roller banner to a video of your product or service – the options are limitless.

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