Tips for direct mail success

Despite claims that traditional direct mail is dead, statistics reveal that the average response rate is 4.4% which surges past direct mail’s response rate of just 0.12%. The key lies in your approach, as proper planning goes a long way to improving the success of your campaign.

Here are our top tips:

  • Know your audience and make sure your list is targeted
  • Give people a reason to buy now with a discount or special offer
  • Look great on paper with eye-catching design and good quality print
  • Save time and money by using a mail fulfilment service
  • Write effective copy including features and benefits that connect with your audience
  • Choose the right format. Will a postcard, brochure, flyer, greetings card or letter work best?
  • Be the customer and look at your direct mailer objectively
  • Test the market with a smaller campaign to check the return rate and make tweaks as needed
  • Decide how and who will follow-up the campaign to keep the momentum going

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