Top tips for compelling flyers

Flyers are an inexpensive, highly effective way to get your message out. Ideal for events, offers, what’s new and more, here are some techniques that professional graphic designers and marketers use to make flyers ‘pop’.

Keep it brief – with attention spans known to be shrinking and people leading such busy lives, your message needs to be edited down to the most crucial elements. For more information, customers can be directed to a phone number, address or website.

Organise your information – bullet points, sub-headings, text boxes and infographics are all great tools to break information down into bite-sized, readable portions.

Plan the page layout – use white space, boxes, borders and areas of contrasting colours to create defined sections that make your flyer easy for the reader to navigate.

Choose a catchy headline – the headline needs to hook the reader and draw them in to want to read more. Make it interesting, attention-grabbing and even thought-provoking.

Use great graphics – a striking image will set the tone of the flyer, create a mood and support the message. This is the first thing that readers will see so it needs to make an impact and encourage them to pay attention.

Find the right fonts – avoid using capital letters as they are more difficult to read, instead highlight titles and subtitles in bold. Stick to two fonts to keep the look simple and easy-on-the-eye.

Focus on the benefits – the reader will want to know ‘what’s in it for me?’ so write from their perspective, using words like ‘you’ and ‘your’. Think of the key benefits your product or service provides and make them prominent.

Use compelling testimonials – quotes from happy customers work well to underpin your case. Don’t forget to include the name and location or company of the person providing the endorsement.

Include a call to action – don’t rely on the reader knowing what to do next. Be specific and tell them how to act on the information you’ve given, whether it’s order now, call this number or visit the website.

Add a special offer or discount – you could include a voucher in the design of the flyer or a code to redeem an offer. Not only does this give the reader an incentive to take action, but it also helps you to measure the success of your leafleting campaign.

Always proofread – read the flyer thoroughly, actually call the phone number and type in the website URL. Then ask one or two others to do the same. A misspelled word or wrong contact information could render your flyer useless.

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